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Our experienced solicitors can act for you in defending against all aspects of regulatory matters. As a team, we recognise that these proceedings have a serious impact on our clients. Our aim is to make the process as straightforward as possible while providing the best representation in respect of the investigation and any allegations or charges.

We represent both companies and individuals when faced with prosecutions in the Magistrates and Crown Courts from a number of regulatory bodies, including:

  • Environment Agency
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • Local Authorities
  • Various Food Agencies

Often clients are sometimes unaware of the obligations placed on them due to the plethora of legislation which exists and regulates the daily activities of so many people. It can come as a shock when faced with the prospect of a PACE interview and is daunting when dealing with the charges that can follow. The objective is always that the matter will not proceed to prosecution. However it is inevitable that some will and when they do, our team has the experience to represent clients throughout the process to the final hearing.

High Court Appeals & Judicial Review

Challenging any legal decision can be daunting but the overriding desire to seek justice is a key part of the William Graham ethos and we will where appropriate undertake an appeal process and/or Judicial Review on your behalf. Naturally, we seek to obtain satisfactory outcomes in the first instance which do not involve the appeal process but we have over many years gained invaluable experience which allows us to successfully undertake any Appeal or Judicial Review should it be necessary.


Our experienced team regularly assists in representing businesses, both large and small, in defending actions from licensing committees and local authorities.

We are experienced in challenging the decisions of the licensing committees when conditions, often restrictive in nature, are added to your license in relation to the sale of alcohol or noise. We can represent you in defending and appealing the decision of a licensing committee, including drafting the grounds of appeal and providing representation at the appeal hearing, if required.

We understand the tight deadlines involved with lodging an appeal and are able to provide fast, efficient advice with the view to achieving the best possible outcome for you.